I live and work in Skerray on the North Coast of Scotland.

The landscape is challenging and the communities are fragile.  Whilst the coastline and especially the geology inspires my painting, a sense of place and what it means to live here is equally important.

Footsteps Past  Photography – Painting – Installation.  An ongoing series of work connecting past and present.  Crossburn House has no road access, water or electricity but like many croft houses it has a rich heritage of ceilidhs, tunes and drams.  As time passes, communities evolve and the nature of work changes, these are traditions that become harder to maintain.  I was initially inspired by the work of an unknown graffiti artist bringing new life to an almost derelict building.  The mirror ball reflects parties past, the miniature whisky bottles preserve mouse jaws (courtesy of the resident barn owl) to commemorate stories once told.  I hope that in the midst of change and falling away there can be threads of continuity and regeneration.

On The Rocks  I am fascinated by the abstract beauty of geology and by the forces that shape it.  I use a variety of techniques and media to capture the changing moods of my local coastline.